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Information For Teachers


If you are Trinity or Cambridge certificate qualified and an enthusiastic teacher please contact us to discuss any current vacancies. We are looking for people who are motivated, creative, professional and hard-working. We have a great team of dedicated teachers working on a variety of projects. Our aim is to offer students interesting, well planned and specialised lessons which will help them progress with their studies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Please ask to see our New Teacher’s Handbook for more details. You can send a C.V. to us for initial consideration although before being interviewed you will be required to complete an application form, asked to provide at least two references and if teaching under 18s we will require an up-to-date Enhanced DBS check.

In order to offer excellence in our classes we offer monthly CPD training which we hope you will be involved in if you join us.

For newly qualified teachers we offer teacher training sessions including observation sessions charged at £10 per hour where you can follow a class led by an experienced teacher. If you want to gain more experience we offer teacher training sessions lasting 1 1/2 hours which includes 15 minutes advice on lesson planning, a one hour observed class with volunteer students and a 15 minute feedback session offering advice from a highly qualified teacher. Cost £45 per 1 1/2 hour session.

Current vacancies: Please submit a CV if you would like to be considered for any positions opening in the future.

Qualifications needed for teaching

Preferred qualifications: Cambridge / RSA CELTYL / CELTA / DELTA or Trinity Cert. TESOL / Dip. TESOL

Essential qualifications: a recognised TEFL / TESOL teaching certificate. The course has to contain at least 100 hours of TEFL input. The course has to have at least 6 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice. The observation has to be carried out by your trainer, or someone of equivalent status within the centre, and must include feedback. Peer supervision does not count. Observations can be completed with us but please note we do charge for this service. The course should have also included observations of qualified teachers. The course has to be externally validated. Usually, the external validation will come from an examining body (e.g. Trinity or Cambridge / RSA) or a university.

Preferred skills: first aid training, experience with teenagers, knowledge of child protection, sports leadership training.

Essential skills: punctuality, attention to detail, classroom management, inclusive manner.


Children’s Camp Teaching Pay Scale

Job Base With teaching experience over 1 year and up to 5 years With teaching experience up to 5 years and a Postgraduate qualification With teaching experience > 5 years With teaching experience > 5 years and a Postgraduate qualification With previous Heart of England summer camp experience having worked more than 4 weeks. First Aid qualified Sports leadership training
Teacher 15 hours 220 225 230 235 245 + £3 per year worked + £10 X
Afternoon activity leader 180 X X X X +£3 per year worked + £10 +£5
Weekend leaders £55 – 80* / day x x x x x x x

Base pay includes:

  1. Listed hours tuition
  2. Listed afternoon excursions
  3. Attendance at a pre-course induction and planning meeting
  4. Holiday pay
  5. Time spent on normal planning and administrative tasks (completing attendance records, lesson planning and lesson record sheets as well as any break rotas that need to done)
  6. Attendance at weekly teachers’ meetings in accordance with best pedagogic practice


* Dependent on hours and group size.

All staff will need a valid DBS (CRB) check either in a transferrable format or to be completed before you start work with us. The cost (£45) of this will be met by us but if you intend to work for us again, you will need to sign up to the update service which will cost you £13 and must be completed within 14 days of receiving your DBS certificate. We will not cover the costs of rechecking at the DBS service once we have completed one check.