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One to One and Small Closed Groups

We run one to one and small closed group classes outside of our peak Easter and Summer times. The Young Learners Courses offer creative and inspiring lessons for young people aged 5 – 17 years old in a safe and stimulating environment. The lessons are designed to encourage interest in the language, be enjoyable and challenging as well as educational.

Why choose our programmes?

Many children move to the UK with their parents and so the language is now more essential than ever. Parents are also choosing to send their children as part of a small group of family or friends in off-peak times to have lessons which can be specifically adapted to their needs.


Children can return to their home countries with wider horizons and possibilities for the future. As well as improving their English skills we can help your children:

  • Settle into a new school
  • Develop language skills learned at home
  • Build confidence and take on new challenges
  • Understand the benefit of having a second language


How can our classes help learning?

Small class sizes are essential to effective learning and so encourage one to one tuition where possible. Our small class sizes also help accelerate learning.


Children learn easily and confidently. They do not feel self-conscious or intimidated by second languages and native pronunciation quickly. Very young learners enjoy gaining speaking skills through songs, games and craft work. For older children, we encourage debates, discussions, role plays, communication games, drama, and projects.


The students are taught with a focus on improving speaking and listening skills unless the parents request otherwise. The teachers adapt their classes to suit the age, maturity, and interest of the child. The lessons do not always include structured grammar instruction but focus on building language naturally and weave in short sessions of areas of weakness where necessary.

We also believe that building the children’s confidence helps them to feel relaxed which, in turn,  encourages them to experiment with their new language skills.

For very young learners, the first few weeks of class incorporate a lot of games and communicative activities. This is to encourage the child to participate in the language and culture and make the new country seem attractive. As time moves on and depending on the age of the child, the lessons become more formalised. The lessons are initially designed to build vocabulary, then basic grammar is introduced. Finally reading, writing & phonics are incorporated. It is a fantastic age to teach pronunciation as the children can pick up a native accent easily at this age.


Other course information

One to one

Daily ScheduleMonday to Friday, times and hours to suit (9.00 – 6.00 p.m.).
Course DatesAvailable all year starting every Monday.
CostsOne to one £33 per hour plus travel costs if relevant

Small group (max. 5 children)

Daily Schedule9.15 – 12.30 p.m.  Monday to Friday
Course DatesSeptember to June (excluding Easter & summer months)
Costsfrom £575 per group per week for 15 hours study

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